Elizabeth Hopkin

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Pike and Sons Cart Summer Days Biology Class
Pig Killing Skipping Coronation Day
Valley Bus Cockle Seller Collecting Seaweed

Elizabeth Hopkin's paintings are a chronicle of life within the Welsh valley community seen through the innocent eyes of a child, but executed with the formal composition of an adult. It is the imaginative colours and figures that combine to give her work a curious charm of its own. The most recent paintings show a move to simpler and more poetic expression.


Fowler Mills Gallery, California
The Greenwich Gallery, Connecticut
Galerie Jean Lavigne, Palm Beach, Florida
Portal Gallery, London
Lucy B. Campbell Gallery, London
Albany Gallery, Cardiff
Beth Giles Gallery, Cardiff
Finalist in Wales Artist of the Year
Private Commissions


Then the Sirens Sounded
Butterflies of the Valley

E Lister, S Williams Twentieth Century British Naive and Primitive Artists, London: Astragal Books
E Lister British Primitive Fantasists, New York: Alpine Fine Arts Collection, 1982
Paintings bought by Camden Graphics and UNICEF and published as cards.